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January 23, 2014
Huffington Post
From The Midwest To Davos, Richard Davidson Is Starting Conversations On Mindfulness, Happiness, And The Power Of Giving


December 10, 2013
Medical News Today
Meditation changes gene expression, study shows Also see: Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, UW-Madison News

December 2, 2013
Huffington Post Healthy Living
Mindfulness in Everyday Life: Compassion and the Art of Having Fun

October 2, 2013
UC-Berkeley Greater Good Science Center
Can Mindfulness Make Us Better Teachers? Also see: UW-Madison News, PsychCentral

September 11, 2013
New York Times
Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?

July 15, 2013
Huffington Post Business
Why Companies Are Turning To Meditation And Yoga To Boost The Bottom Line

July 7, 2013
New York Times
The Morality of Meditation

June 30, 2013
LaCrosse Tribune
Compassion takes plenty of practice

June 17, 2013
Is Your Relationship Good For Your Health?

May 22, 2013
APS Psychological Science
Compassion Training Alters Altruism and Neural Responses to Suffering Also see:UPI, Salon, Cosmopolitan, BBC Radio 4, UW-Madison News

May 19, 2013
Wisconsin State Journal
UW-Madison researchers journey deep into the brain via the science of imaging

April 22, 2013
Channel 3000 (CBS Madison)
The World Wide Web

April 20, 2013
Seven meditation steps to eliminate bullying

April 19, 2013
Huffington Post
America's New Workout for the Brain

March 25, 2013
Science Daily
Researchers Discover the Brain Origins of Variation in Pathological Anxiety Also see: UW-Madison News

March 18, 2013
Huffington Post
Mindfulness, Meditation, Wellness and Their Connection to Corporate America's Bottom Line

March 11, 2013
Daily Cardinal
Professor Profile: Richard Davidson, expert in meditation

February 27, 2013
Science Daily
Authors: Develop Digital Games to Improve Brain Function and Well-Being Also see: Nature,,

February 25, 2013
Wall Street Journal
Stress-Busting Smiles

February 20, 2013
Huffington Post
Changing the Brain: An Interview About Freeing the Mind

February 11, 2013
FOX News
Exercising your brain may improve your life

February 5, 2013
Medical Xpress
Response and recovery in the brain may predict well-being Also see: UW-Madison News

January 28, 2013
Using the Mind to Reduce Inflammation Also see: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, UW-Madison News

January 24, 2013
WITI (FOX Milwaukee)
UW-Madison researchers looking for participants for PTSD study Also see: UW-Madison News

January 7, 2013
KPRC (NBC Houston)
Meditation used as medication Also see: Ivanhoe, WNDU South Bend

January 1, 2013
Milwaukee Public Radio
Madison Scientist Probes the Roots of Emotions In the Brain


December 4, 2012
Medical Xpress
Virtually healthy: 'CAVE' lets researchers experience patients' behavior Also see: UW-Madison News

December 3, 2012
Conscientiousness May Lead to Better Health

November 29, 2012
The Motley Fool
Optimists Make More Money Than Pessimists

November 15, 2012
PBS NewsHour
Can Sleep Make You Smarter?

November 11, 2012
Nature News
Infant stress affects teen brain Also see: Science News, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

October 30, 2012
This monk is the world's happiest man according to science Also see: New York Daily News

October 24, 2012
Meditation Sharpens the Whole Mind Study

October 11, 2012
Association for Psychological Science Psychological Science Journal
More than Just 'Zoning Out' - Psychological Science Examines the Cognitive Processes Underlying Mind Wandering

September 2012, Vol 43, No. 8
American Psychological Association Monitor
Changing our brains, changing ourselves

September 25, 2012
CNN Health
Your detour to a stress-free life

September 18, 2012
U.S. News & World Report
Stressed Out? Try Mindfulness Meditation Also see: Huffington Post,Yahoo! News

September 13, 2012
Huffington Post
The Science of Resilience

September 11, 2012
What Vulnerability Looks Like to Psychopaths, Monks and the Rest of Us

September 11, 2012
Meet Yourself

September 7, 2012
Pueblo Chieftan
Emotional style in relationships

August 27, 2012
Dallas Morning News
'The Emotional Life of Your Brain' explains how we react to life

August 15, 2012
Wisconsin State Journal
Yoga, deep breathing used to address soldiers' post-traumatic stress

August 14, 2012
The Epoch Times
Game Builds Student Empathy

August 11, 2012
Science News
The Brain Set Free

July 17, 2012
Telluride Daily Planet
The science of compassion

June 20, 2012
Pacific Standard
Just Breathe: Confirming Meditation’s Benefits

June 18, 2012
The Vancouver Sun
We have the power. Neuroscientist's book gives tips, exercises for training your brain to boost emotional connections

June 8, 2012
Scientific American
MINDReviews: The Emotional Life of Your Brain

June 5, 2012
Minnesota Public Radio New
Book pick: 'The Emotional Life of Your Brain'

Summer, 2012
On Wisconsin Magazine
Can You Nurture Your Nature?

June, 2012
Harvard Business Review
Finding The Zone

May 30, 2012
The Atlantic
The Secrets of the Healthy Mind

May 22, 2012
Guerrilla Project Management
Leading the Emotional Brain: An Interview with Dr. Richard J. Davidson

May 21, 2012
Wisconsin State Journal
On Campus: Researchers make compassion a game Also see: Mindful, UW-Madison News

May 6, 2012
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio News
Our Emotional Brain

April 26, 2012
The Emotional Life Of The Brain

April 25, 2012
Chicago Tribune
Thinking your way to a better life

April 20, 2012
Bringing "Happy"

April 18, 2012
Exercise, Counseling, Meditation Make Brain Better Also see: Medical News Today, UW-Madison News

April 15, 2012
NPR's To The Best Of Our Knowledge

April 11, 2012
US News & World Report
Happier People Deal Better with Hardships

March 16, 2012
Times of India
Why our minds keep wandering half the time Also see: PsychCentral, UW-Madison News

March 5, 2012
Wall Street Journal
Healthy Reader Also see: Bloomberg (Charlie Rose), Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Wisconsin State Journal, UW-Madison News

March, 2012
Madison Magazine
Brain Changer

February 25, 2012
The scientific argument for being emotional

February 12, 2012
Calgary Herald
Meditation helps kids pay attention

February 4, 2012
Medical News Today
Does A Lab-Measured Compassionate Brain Fare Well In Real Life? Also see: Capital Times, UW-Madison News

January 24, 2012
San Francisco Chronicle
Deepak Chopra Unites Top Scientists and Spiritual Leaders in 3-Day Symposium Covering the Deepest Questions of Our Time

January 11, 2012
Time Magazine
Mind Reading: Jon Kabat-Zinn Talks About Bringing Mindfulness Meditation To Medicine


October 16, 2012
UW-Madison News
UW Madison researchers to meet with Dalai Lama

October 6, 2011
National Geographic Channel
Brain Games

July 23, 2011
Philadelphia Inquirer (
Into 'the science of thriving'

July 14, 2011
New York Times
Internet Use Affects Memory, Study Finds

May 18 , 2011
Wisconsin State Journal
Investigating healthy minds: Preschool study seeks to teach kindness

March 11 , 2011
Dana Foundation
Meditation—Still Many Unknowns

January 18, 2011
UW News
Stress, anxiety both boon and bane to brain See also UPI, ScienceDaily, MilwaukeeNewsBuzz


November 18 , 2010
Big Ten Network
Happy, Healthy Minds

November 10, 2010
ADHD Research Begins

October 26, 2010
Can meditation change your brain? Contemplative neuroscientists believe it can

October 2 , 2010
Los Angeles Times
Fully experiencing the present: a practice for everyone, religious or not

September 26, 2010
New York Times
Dalai Lama Donates to Center in Wisconsin

May 17, 2010
Wisconsin State Journal
Dalai Lama warns of being distorted by ignorance

March 31, 2010
Dana Foundation News
Some With Depression May Lack 'Happiness Stamina'

February 26, 2010
Shrink Rap Radio
The Meditating Brain with Richard Davidson (transcript)

January 4 , 2010
UW News
UW-Madison happiness research featured in NOVA documentary


December 28, 2009
UW News
Depression saps endurance of the brain's reward circuitry

December 23, 2009
Khaleej Times
Depressed people can't sustain positive emotions

December 22, 2009
Times of India
Stressed people can’t sustain good feelings

December 21, 2009
Business Week
Depressed people can't hold onto happiness

December 21, 2009
Scientific American
Going the distance: A new study finds that the reward center in the brains of depressed people lacks endurance

November 18, 2009
U.S. News & World Report
Try Meditation to Lower Your Blood Pressure and Protect Your Heart

November 13, 2009
University Communications

Can Meditation Sharpen our Attention?

October 27, 2009
News @ UW
Faculty choreographers collaborate with campus colleagues in concert. MRI images from the Waisman Brain Imaging Lab have been incorporated into video projection in Peggy Choy's dance piece.

October 20, 2009
Stephanie Floures-Koulish
The Baltimore Sun
Seeking education that reconnects minds and hearts

October 13, 2009
Wisconsin Public Radio
Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders. Richard Davidson was Jean Feraca's guest to discuss the topic of his involvement with the Mind and Life Institute’s “Educating World Citizens for the 21st Century" conference.

October 7, 2009
Calgary Herald
Meditation influences brain function

September 25, 2009
Vancouver Sun

Health: Mental exercise like meditation can literally change our minds

August 3, 2009

Buddhists May Help Biotechies Solve Big Mental Health Woes, Say Merck Vet Ben Shapiro

July 21, 2009
Daniel Goleman
The Huffington Post

Joyful Wisdom: How Happy Can We Be?

July 17, 2009
Daniel Goleman
NY Times Opinion

Sitting Quietly, Doing Something.

June 7, 2009
USA Today

'Mindfulness' meditation being used in hospitals and schools.

May 20, 2009
All Things Considered
National Public Radio

On The Science Of Spirituality: Prayer May Reshape Your Brain... And Your Reality. Listen or read here.

March 26, 2009
Congressman Tim Ryan (D)

Excerpt from a Labor HHS Subcommittee Hearing with NIH/NCCAM about the need for mindulness based practices and for additional research in this area.

March 19, 2009
Jennifer A. Smith

Building a Better Brain

March 19, 2009
In Wisconsin
Wisconsin Public Television
Meditation Research (Episode #721, segment 2)

February 12, 2009
Upaya Institute & Zen Center

Listen to Dr. Davidson give a talk on January 9 called Zen Brain.

February 5, 2009
Salt Lake Tribune and
Deserate News

Coverage of Richard Davidson's February 4, 2009 Tanner Lecture on Human Values in Utah.

February 3, 2009
Radio West (Salt Lake City)

Interview with Richard Davidson prior to his 2009 Tanner Lecture on Human Values. Listen to the 52 minutes interview here.


  December 29, 2008
Michelle Andrews
U.S. News & World Report

How to Beat Stress and Angst Through Meditation

  November 2008
Ann Grauvogl
On Wisconsin Magazine
A Kinder Gentler Brain

  November 1, 2008
"Living Hero" interview with Dr. Richard Davidson

  October 2008
CAM @ the NIH newsletter
Of Meditation, Monks, and Music: Dr. Davidson Speaks on Systematic Mind-Body Training

  September 10, 2008
Brian Mattmiller
News @ UW
Can love change your mind? New project explores neuroscience of ‘positive qualities’

  August 30, 2008
Das Wisssensmagazin
Meditation in MRI: From the compassion of the monks (in German; translation by Google)

  August 15, 2008
Anne McIlroy
The Globe & Mail (Canada)
Meditating through mental illness

  May 30, 2008
Peace Talks Radio
Good Radio Shows, Inc.
The Neuroscience of Compassion

  April 8, 2008
Dan Rather Reports HDNet
Mind Science

  April 2008
U.S. News & World Report
UW-Madison ties for first place in USN&WR 2008 ranking of Clinical Psychology programs

  April 2008
Tim Jarvis
The Oprah Magazine
Love's Little Blind Spots (attentional blink research)

  March 31, 2008
Naomi Law
BBC News Online
Scientists probe meditation secrets

  March 26, 2008
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
CNN Video
Can you learn compassion?

  March 26, 2008
Amanda Gardner
U.S. News & World Report
Meditation Can Wish You Well, Study Says

  March 26, 2008
Jennifer Warner
WebMD Medical News
Brain Can Learn Compassion via Meditation

  March 26, 2008
David Biello
Scientific American
Meditate on This: You Can Learn to Be More Compassionate

  March 26, 2008
Clara Moskowitz
How the Dalai Lama Keeps His Cool

  March 25, 2008
Dian Land
News @ UW
Study shows compassion meditation changes the brain

  March 25, 2008
Sharon Begley
Newsweek "Lab Notes" Blog
The Lotus and the Synapse

  March 2008
Penelope Green
The Oprah Magazine
This Is Your Brain on Happiness

  February 3, 2008
Kathy Walsh Nufer
Appleton Post-Crescent
Richard Davidson a 'not-to-be missed' speaker in Appleton education series

  January 11, 2008
Michael Mendelsohn
ABC News
Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness


  December 2007
Peter K. Stewart, Yelena P. Wu, and Michael C. Roberts
Journal of Clinical Psychology
Top Producers of Scholarly Publications in Clinical Psychology PhD Programs

  December 12, 2007
The Heart-Brain Connection: The Neuroscience of Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning

  December 11, 2007
Scientific American

Meditation Enhances Attention

  November 8, 2007
Mary Bergin
The Capital Times
Kid contemplatives: UW neuroscientist's project aims to give middle-schoolers tools of 'mindfulness' and meditation

  October 29, 2007
University Communications, News@UW
Panels examine intersection of science, religion and contemplative practice

  October 24, 2007
University Communications, News@UW
Library, university series explores topics in faith and reason - see Dr. Davidson's presentation at

  October 23, 2007
Jared Sandberg
Wall Street Journal
Do You Hear What I Hear?

  October 22, 2007
Marissa Krimsky
Emory Wheel
Mind & Life Conference

  October 18, 2007
Madison Magazine
Brain Storm

  October 15, 2007
Anne Underwood
How to Read a Face

  October 2007
Scientific American
Searching for God in the Brain

  August 20, 2007
Science Daily
Depression: Brain Imaging Reveals Breakdown Of Normal Emotional Processing

  August 18, 2007
Wisconsin State Journal
Study: Traditional therapy may do more harm than good

  August 17, 2007
Toronto Star
Snapping out of it not an option

  August 15, 2007
Jill Sakai
University Communications, News@UW
Clinical depression linked to abnormal emotional brain circuits

  August 15, 2007
Yahoo! News
Clinically depressed people may have damaged brain circuits

  August 15, 2007
United Press International
Brain reacts differently in depressed

  June 25, 2007
University Communications, News@UW
Brain scans show meditation changes minds, increases attention

  May 13, 2007
David Wahlberg
Wisconsin State Journal
Study: Meditation Can Improve Focus

  May 12, 2007
Bruce Bower
Science News Online
No Place Like Om: Meditation training puts oomph into attention

  May 8, 2007
Sandra Blakeslee
New York Times
Study Suggests Meditation Can Help Train Attention

  May 8, 2007
Jill Sakai
University Communications, News@UW
Meditation may fine-tune control over attention

  May 7, 2007
Charles Choi
Meditation Sharpens the Mind

  March 18, 2007
BBC News
Fear centre 'shrinks' in autism

  Richard J. Davidson
February 13, 2007
Wisconsin Academy
Be Happy Like a Monk "Academy Evening" presentation (requires RealPlayer)

  January 19 , 2007
Sharon Begley
Wall Street Journal
How Thinking Can Change the Brain

  January 17 , 2007
Joan Arehart-Treichel
Psychiatric News
Autism's Social Impairment Related to Amygdala Size


  December 12 , 2006
Ron Seely
Wisconsin State Journal
Medical Imaging Offers Insight Into Autism

  December 8, 2006
Medical News Today
In Autism's Most Severely Socially Impaired, The Brain's Fear Center Likely Shrinks

  December 7, 2006
CBC News
Canadian Press
Autism Linked to Brain's 'Fear Center'

  December 5, 2006
Neil Osterweil
Medpage Today
Smaller Brain Structures in Autism Linked to Social Deficits

  December 3, 2006
Karen Michel
To the Best of Our Knowledge
Wisconsin Public Radio
The Brain & Belief Segment 1

  October 28, 2006
Karen Gram
Vancouver Sun

  October 15, 2006
Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology
Mani Bhaumik Award
Transforming the Emotional Brain (video hosted by UCLA)

  October 2006
Katherine Ellison
Psychology Today
Mastering Your Own Mind

  September 18, 2006
Amanda Wegner
Wisconsin State Journal
Pursuing Peace Through Meditation

  June 4, 2006
Colleen O'Connor
Denver Post
Willing Your Way to Happiness

  May 27, 2006
Host: Bob McDonald
CBC Radio- Quirks & Quarks

  May 10, 2006
Wisconsin State Journal
Professor's fame a coup for UW

  April 30, 2006
Paroma Basu
University Communications, News@UW
UW scientist among 100 most influential people of 2006

  April 23, 2006
Andrew Weil
Time Magazine
People Who Shape Our World

  March 29, 2006
The New Medicine
The New Medicine laboratory-specific clip (7:30 minutes long; Shockwave player plugin required)
A New Definition of Health - Interview with Dr. Davidson (near bottom of page) (RealPlayer needed)

  March 17, 2006
Sharon Begley
Wall Street Journal
All in Your Head?

  January 31, 2006
Benedict Carey
New York Times
Holding Loved One's Hand Can Calm Jittery Neurons

  January 10 , 2006
Lisa Takeuchi Cullen
Time Magazine
How to Get Smarter, One Breath at a Time

  January 4, 2006
Bridget M. Kuehn
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
Studies Probe Autism Anatomy, Genetics


  November 24, 2005
BBC News Online Edition
Families Share Autistic Traits

  November 18, 2005
Yudhijit Bhattacharjee
Neuroscientists Welcome Dalai Lama With Mostly Open Arms

  November 12, 2005
Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
New York Times, Editorial Page
Our Faith in Science

  November 11 , 2005
Jon Hamilton
Morning Edition, National Public Radio
The Links between the Dalai Lama and Neuroscience

  November 9 , 2005
Marc Kaufman
Washington Post
For the Dalai Lama, a Meeting of Brain and Mind

  September 6, 2005
Nicolas Bakalar
New York Times
Brain scans find spot that links stress to asthma

  August 30, 2005
BBC News, Online Edition
How emotions spark asthma attack

  April 1, 2005
Wallace Gromit
New York Times
Eating Vegetables: Good for the Brain?

  March 10, 2005
Anita Weier
The Capitol Times
Brain Tests Reveal New Pieces In Autism Puzzle

  March 7, 2005
Sarah Graham
Scientific American
Eye Contact Triggers Threat Response in Autistic Children

  March 7, 2005
Paroma Basu
University Communications, News@UW
Eye contact triggers threat signals in autistic children's brains

  March 2005
James Shreeve
National Geographic
Spiritual State

  January 17, 2005
Michael D. Lemonick
The Biology of Joy

  January 3, 2005
Marc Kaufman
The Washington Post
Meditation Gives Brain a Charge, Study Finds


  November 5th, 2004
Sharon Begley
The Wall Street Journal
Scans of Monks' Brains Show Meditation Alters Structure, Functioning

  September 21, 2004
Jay Rath
Wisconsin State Journal
Serenity Now

  May 13, 2004
Waisman Center
Richard Davidson named Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters Fellow

  April 24, 2004
Eve Savory
CBC News, The National
The Pursuit of Happiness

  April 12, 2004

Photo gallery - Governor Doyle's tour of the Keck Lab

  February 20, 2004
Ron Seely
Wisconsin State Journal
UW Seeks Origins Of Emotions And Will Explore How Brain Controls Them


  October 3, 2003
Marcia Barinaga
Science, vol 302 pgs 44-46
Buddhism and Neuroscience: Studying the well-trained mind

  September 21, 2003
Marc Kaufman
Washington Post
A Meeting of Minds

  September 14, 2003
Natasha Mitchell
All in the Mind, Radio National
Meditation and the Mind: Science Meets Buddhism

  September 14, 2003
Stephen Hall
New York Times
Is Buddhism Good for Your Health?

  September 2, 2003
Shaoni Bhattacharya
New Scientist
Brain Study Links Negative Emotions and Lowered Immunity

  September 2, 2003
Erica Goode
New York Times
Power of Positive Thinking May Have a Health Benefit

  September 2, 2003
Emily Carlson
University Communications, News@UW
Study shows brain activity influences immune function

  June 20, 2003
Michelle Trudeau
NPR's Morning Edition
Childhood Temperament Lasts into Adulthood (audio)

  April 29, 2003
Karen Rivedal
Wisconsin State Journal
UW Madison Psychologists Honored

  April 26, 2003
Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama
New York Times
The Monk in the Lab

  February 12, 2003
Lisa Brunette
University Communications, News@UW
Meditation produces positive changes in the brain

  February 9, 2003
Karen Rivedal
Wisconsin State Journal
Scans Can Be Useful In Helping Medicate Patients With Depression

  February 6, 2003
Dian Land
University Communications, News@UW
Brain images reveal effects of antidepressants

  February 4, 2003
Daniel Goleman
New York Times
Finding happiness: Cajole your brain to lean to the left

  February 4, 2003
Aaron Nathans
Capital Times
Meditation helps brain, immunity in UW group

  January 10, 2003
Sharon Begley
Wall Street Journal
Maybe for This Year, You Can Try Whipping Your Brain Into Shape


  Fall 2001
Dian Land
On Wisconsin
Getting Emotional

  Summer 2001
On Wisconsin
Mind Matters

  May 23, 2001
Dian Land
University Communications, News@UW
The Dalai Lama and scientists unite to study meditation

  May 22, 2001
Dalai Lama Talks about the Brain

  May 20, 2001
The New York Times(hosted on HinduNet)
Dalai Lama to attend U.S. Conference

  April 17, 2001
Brian Mattmiller
University Communications, News@UW
Dalai Lama coming to UW to probe science of emotions

  April 15, 2001
UW-Madison Psychology Department News
New Developments for Neuroimaging at UW-Madison

  April 4, 2001
Brian Matmiller
University Communications, News@UW
Reading the mind: New lab sharpens brain imagery


  July, 31, 2000
Kristin Leutwyler
Scientific American
Understanding Violence

  July 27, 2000
Brian Matmiller
University Communications, News@UW
Brain study sheds light on impulsive violence

  December 13, 1999
Samara Kalk
The Capitol Times
He Studies Mind-Body Connection

  November 19, 1999
Dian Land
University Communications, News@UW
UW to launch center for mind-body interaction

  November, 2, 1999
The Washington Post
Scientists Probe Origin of Emotions

  September, 20, 1999 Professor Richard Davidson wins APA Award

  May 15, 1998
Christine Mlot
Science Vol 280, Issue 5366, 1005-1007
Probing the Biology of Emotion

  June 23, 1997
Daniel Goleman
NPR'sTalk of the Nation
Emotional Intelligence (audio)
  August 27, 1997
University Communications, News@UW
Davidson Wins Top Honor From Psychological Society

  July 6, 1996
Daniel Goleman
New York Times
Forget Money; Nothing Can Buy Happiness, Some Researchers Say

  November 8, 1993
John Schwartz
Washington Post (reprinted, Capital Times, 12-14-93)
Some Smiles Make You Happy

  October 1993
Science, 262, pg. 336
The Brain Behind That Happy Face; DOI: 10.1126/science.262.5132.336-b (pay-per-view)

  October 26, 1993
Daniel Goleman
New York Times
When Is a Smile Really a Smile?
  Our research has been covered by the following media:
  ABC News Special Report
Australian Television
British Television
Canadian Television
Discovery Channel
German Television
Globo TV
National Public Radio
Wisconsin Public Radio


  Regina Lapate
SPR Student Poster Award

  Daniel Levinson
Mind & Life Institute Francisco J. Varela Research Award

  Jamie Hanson
Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award from the NIDA

  Jamie Hanson
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellowship

  Regina Lapate
SPR Student Poster Award

  Regina Lapate
Hertz Foundation and Royalty Research Fellowship travel award

  Jessica Kirkland
Ramona Messerschmidt Award for Graduate Research

  Jessica Kirkland
Organization for Human Brain Mapping Conference Travel Award

  Daniel Levinson
Fetzer Institute Fellowship, Fetzer Initiative on the Neuroscience of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness

  Brendon Nacewicz
Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award from the NIMH

  Helen Weng
Fetzer Institute Fellowship, Fetzer Initiative on the Neuroscience of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness

  Helen Weng
Travel Award: International Symposium "Foundations of Human Social Behavior"

  Helen Weng
Hertz Foundation Research Fellowship Award

  Brendon Nacewicz
Wayne & Jean Roper Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship Award

  Helen Weng
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Hertz Foundation Research Fellowship;
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention

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Hertz Foundation Research Fellowship

  Allison Jahn
Hertz Foundation Research Fellowship

  Brendon Nacewicz
Zeaman Travel Award, Gatlinburg Conference on Research & Theory in Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities;
Student Travel Award, International Meeting for Autism Research

  Sharee Light
SPR Tursky Award for Excellence in Predoctoral Research in Psychophysiology

  Laura Holsen
National Fragile X Foundation; Co-Principal Investigator
Project: Interaction between Social Anxiety and Memory in fragile X

  Jessica Kirkland
Roderick Menzies Memorial Scholarship for Collaborative Graduate Student Research

  Allison Jahn
National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate research fellowship;
Roderick Menzies Memorial Scholarship for Collaborative Graduate Student Research

  Greg Dixon
National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate research fellowship

  Kim Dalton
NAAR (National Alliance for Autism Research) Research Award

  Antoine Lutz
NIH/NCCAM grant for Meditation: Neuroimaging and Neurodynamical Correlations

Allison Jahn
Lyn Abramson Award for Cognitive Approaches to Psychopathology

  Jeffrey Maxwell
Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral National Research Service Award (NRSA)

  Micah Long (undergrad)
Hilldale Undergraduate Research Award

  Alex Shackman
Predoctoral Fellowship, National Institute of Mental Health, Training Program in Emotion Research

  Jeffrey Maxwell
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship, Dept. of Defense, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

  Jeffrey Maxwell
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  Alex Shackman
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

  Alex Shackman
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  Alex Shackman
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